3/18/10 Hmm. Who Shall I Download Next?

Still being at SXSW means that I'm coming across several new bands. Part of discovering these new bands is figuring out who makes the cut on my daily iTunes playlist. Right now? The "Bob Hill Band" is rocking my world. It's a new band to me, with a very 90's sensibility (which I love). Check em out!

Today's photo is found courtesy of a drawer in a dark hotel room. Oh, how I hate the dark.

3/17/10 Some venues smell like puke...

Having been freshly minted in the Austin scene for SXSW, I have to say... Some people need to be a little more conscious of their drinking intake. If you can't have another, DON'T! Otherwise, you puke everywhere and the venues don't smell very nice... Jeez...

Today's photo was found on my jacket pocket, which I hope does not smell like puke.

3/16/10 Whazzah? :-/

Although I can barely believe it, I am on my way to SXSW in Austin. I can't wait to see the new bands and experience some fantastically new things. Oh my!

Today's photo is courtesy of a vintage, wooden crate in my bedroom. A bit on the natural, un-believing side, huh?

3/15/10 First Day Jitters!

Starting a new job is simply a flashback feeling of the past. Remember, as a kid, when you'd start getting nervous as the summer ended? Right before school started up again? You'd plan out every detail, almost too rehearsed at times. You'd chose your perfect & powerful outfit days in advance, often changing your mind. Then the day comes, and you come to the crazy yet logical revelation. You were the only one thinking about yourself under such a specific & detailed microscope.

Today's photo was found directly on my laptop (The little camera up top), as I stared at FACE IT on the web. Trippy, right?

3/14/10 Another Crappy Day Calls for Pizza! Right?

So another crappy, rainy day (although not as bad as yesterday) called for some cheering up. And what better way than to order some yummy, incredibly bad for my figure Pizza! My pizza of choice? Domino's Large Pizza with Black Olives. Oh the things we do to ourselves!

Today's photo is courtesy of Dominos Pizza. I swear, I was not paid to plug them, it's just damn good.

3/13/10 NYC Hurricane= Cabin Fever! :(

So on this Saturday afternoon, instead of being outside and enjoying the day, I am relegated to being stuck inside. But not only minimally. I can barely go to the grocery store due to the terrible weather. Trees look like they might collapse, people are basically being flung around. It's not fun. So needless to say, I'm having a bad case of cabin fever. If I'd prepared better, I would have rented new movies to watch. The old ones are not doing it today. Boo!

Today's photo was found on a NYC Subway (The C Line to be exact). Sad little window molding. I feel your pain!

3/12/10 Last Day? :-O

After a few years of working with wonderful people and being in a realm that taught me a lot, I am leaving to pursue new opportunities. It's never easy saying goodbye, and it's especially never easy letting go of connections you've made with others. I am sad to say my "goodbye's", but I am also happy to take that next step in my personal evolution. Goodbye is only short term and I will say "hello" to my friends once again. Thank you all! You rock!

Today's photo was found on the Subway Train in Midtown, NYC. It certainly seemed surprised. Don't you think?

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